Why Organic? Studies show that you can greatly reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals by eating organic foods.The USDA's lab tests reveal that even after washing, some produce consistently carries much higher levels of pesticide residue than others.
Organic food taste better, is good for you and is good for the environment. No chemical residue to pollute our ground water.
Why Certified Organic? Certified Organic farms are inspected from time to time to make sure that the grower's organic system plan is in compliance with the national organic regulation. Must meet or exceed the California Organic Foods Act of 1990. 
Where is the produce grown? We grow many of the fruits & vegetables here on our farm in Churn Creek Bottom area of Redding California. For the sake of variety, and year round availability we also buy from other certified organic farmers.
Can I add to my order? Yes you can, we will email you the list of extra items available or if you prefer you can call us. All orders must be placed by 4pm Sunday  or changed by Monday no later than 11am for delivery.
What if nobody's home? Our driver will leave the box at your front door or porch, or leave it with a neighbor if instructed to do so. We can also deliver to your office or work if you prefer.
When can I expect delivery? We deliver every Wednesday & Thursday. Every week or every other week.
How can I pay for my order? All orders are COD. Debit or credit cards are accepted by calling (530) 949.9508.
Which order is right for us? Order the Gourmet Market Box, for family of 4 people or if you like to eat lots of vegetables and fruits during the week.You will get the most variety in this box. The Gourmet Veggie Box, is a great value for families that like to eat all vegetables. The All Fruit Box, is great for snacking and is also good for adding to breakfast cereals, kid's lunches etc. The Small Gourmet Market Box, is ideal for 1 or 2 persons, it is a combination of fruits and vegetables but in smaller quantities. Order the Gourmet Raw Box,it is an assortment of fruits and vegetables, that don't recquire cooking. Our Gourmet Low Sugar Box, is a great choice for those on a high fiber low glycemic diet and are ideal for diabetics.
Regardless of what you order you will eat healthy and "Taste Better Flavor"
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